Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Viewer's Choice Awards for 2016 Quilt Show

At our April meeting, the winners of the Viewer's Choice awards from our 2016 Quilt Show were revealed.  Here are the quilters with their prize-winning quilts!

3rd Place - Small Quilts - "Lovely Jezebel"

2nd Place - Small Quilts - "This is the House That Peter Built"

1st Place - Small Quilts - "Waves"

3rd Place - Medium Small Quilts - "Floral Sampler"

1st Place - Medium Small Quilts - "Five Little Birds"

3rd Place - Medium Large Quilts - "2015 Row By Row"

 2nd Place - Medium Large Quilts - "Wild Flowers"

1st Place, - Medium Large Quilts - "Love From Above"

3rd Place, - Large Quilts - "Afternoon Delight"

2nd Place - Large Quilts - "4460 Pieces!"

1st Place - Large Quilts - "Paradise in Bloom"

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